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Lancet Laboratories Tanzania opens a new laboratory


Our newly opened Lancet Laboratories Tanzania lab, National hospital-Mnazi Mmoja, received the visit of the Vice president of Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar - Hon. Hemed Abdullah.

Translating his address: “ Hon. Hemed Abdullah was very impressed by the preparation and the seriousness we have demonstrated towards the execution of presidential vision to ensure people of Zanzibar gets reliable, best experience health services and that Lancet Laboratories Tanzania has demonstrated its ability to work the talk and that if we continue like this, we deserve to be given all other projects in progress in Zanzibar.”

Such compliments come with responsibility and scrutiny; we are determined to ensure we deliver the best services with quality standards from the front desk to the release of results.

To ensure this is achieved our CEO Ms Mwende has tasked the Eastern Africa Quality Manager to work closely with the Tanzania team& Lab managers on all quality matters (QA) related to the project including machine calibrations, reports’ validation, team training as well as ensuring that all Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are in place

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